European Union 7th Framework Programme

Marie Curie IRSES Project n. 269297



TURBOPLASMAS is a FP7 funded Marie Curie exchange programme, which has the objective to carry out research in the field of space plasmas, with particular emphasis on solar wind turbulence and, more in general, on plasma turbulence, and on related phenomena such as magnetic reconnection. The exchange programme involves a consortium of six research institutions - the University of Calabria, Italy (CALABRIA), the Imperial College of London, United Kingdom (IMPERIAL), the University of Warwick, United Kingdom (WARWICK), the University of California at Berkeley, United States of America (BERKELEY), the University of Delaware, United States of America (DELAWARE) and the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina (BUENOS AIRES). All these institution have a long research experience in various fields of space plasma physics. Four of these six partners have EU financial support for the exchange of staff, according to the Marie Curie IRSES regulations. The programme will last 48 months starting September 2011, and includes 212 full-time equivalent months of secondment.





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