Milestones, events and news

  1. kick-off meeting:
    Arcetri Workshop on Plasma Astrophysics, Firenze, 17-21 Oct 2011. During the kick-off meeting the first steps of investigation to be implemented have been defined, and the exchange scheme has been updated. Moreover, coordination and supervision tasks have been assigned to the Coordinators.

  2. first coordination meeting:
    at AGU Fall Meeting, 5-9 Dec 2011, San Francisco. Representatives from all groups were present, and the discussion focused on the results obtained during the first secondment periods, and on the organization of next steps.
  3. second coordination meeting:
    EGU General Assembly, Vienna, 22-27 Apr 2012. Representatives from all the institutions were present and discussion focused on the results obtained, as well as on the next steps to be taken. Deliverables were presented as talks or posters at the conference, or reported during informal talks during the coordination meeting. The possibility to postpone the summer school (Milestone MS4) to the second half of the project was also discussed. Berkeley was identified as a possible venue for the Summer School.
  4. Coordination Meetings: Arcetri Workshops on Plasma Astrophysics, Firenze 5-8 Oct 2012, and AGU Fall Meeting 2012, San Francisco, 3 to 7 Dec 2012.
    The deliverables (articles, talks, posters) produced during the project exchanges were presented at the conferences, and steps to be taken were discussed. Part of the participants (Berkeley, Calabria) discussed the possibility of proposing a ISSI team, to work on topics concerning dissipation of energy in solar wind turbulence. The project was then submitted to ISSI (Bern), and is now accepted for the year 2014.
  5. Coordination meeting:
    EGU General Assembly, Vienna, 7-12 April 2013.
  6. Arcetri Workshops on Plasma Astrophysics, Firenze 14-17 Oct 2013:
    Application for further funding, for the extension of the collaboration, was discussed and planed. Results were presented and publications were discussed among the participants.
  7. Turboplasmas summer school, Arcetri on 27th-31th of October 2014.
    The school was attended by about 15 young researchers and students. Lectures were given by scientists from participants institutions, as well as from external scientists (e.g. prof. Alessandro Retinò of LPP, Ecole Polythecniue, Palaiseau, France). The training classes have focused on general solar wind properties, plasma instabilities, turbulence and intermittency, magnetic reconnection, advanced numerical simulations, space instrumentation for the measurement of ion velocity distribution functions in the solar wind. The School has been extremely interactive, with students asking questions and rising problems to the lecturers, and with a intense, informal transfer of knowledge extending also to off-lecture time (coffee breaks, meals).
  8. Coordination meeting at AGU Fall Meeting 2013, held in San Francisco from 9 to 13 Dec 2013.
    Like during previous coordination meetings, the deliverables (articles, talks, posters) produced during the project exchanges were presented at the conferences; application for further funding for the extension of the collaboration was discussed and planned. The advance of the research objective was discussed among the participants.
  9. Coordination meeting:
    EGU General Assembly held in Vienna, 27 April - 2 May 2014.
  10. The final report meeting:
    performed during the joint "First Solar Orbiter / Solar Probe+ Workshop", held in Artimino (Italy) from 2nd to 4th September, 2015, immediately after the closure date of the project. Discussion focused on the achieved results, and a summary for the preparation of the report has been provided.
  11. the Turboplasmas Final Workshop will be performed in Arcetri, following the usual format of this project, jointly with the Workshops on Plasma Astrophysics, 9th to 13th November 2015.